Book placing the Romanian contribution to NeDiMAH: architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism as digital arts

At the closure of NeDiMAH, a book was published placing the Romanian contribution into the network. Architecture, landscape architecture and urbanism are seen as part of the arts, either in their creative side of imagining the future or in the theoretical historical site of reconstructing the past. 

The announcement to the market can be read here:

A table of contents will follow. The book has 6 sections, introduction and conclusion. The introduction shows the integration of Romania into the events of NeDiMAH, the conclusions shows future work to continue the aims set during the network. The first 6 sections deal with digital landscape architecture, architecture and arts respectivelly. The next are dealing with techniques, such as virtual recording and virtual reality, while the last section is devoted to digital representation of natural hazards.

The book is to be presented in Rome during the sabbatical stay of the first editor, and maybe in Karlsruhe, given the cooperation of the main editor with the Alma Mater which was reinforced through NeDiMAH short visits.

Some announcement to outreach media have been made, for example to CORDIS WIRE (the European Commission service), ICCROM, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Forum UNESCO University and Heritage and Digital Meets Culture.