The NeDiMAH Methods Ontology

The final research output of the European Science Foundation Network for Digital Methods in the Arts and Humanities (NeDiMAH) is the NeDiMAH Methods Ontology (NeMO), a comprehensive ontological model of scholarly practice in the arts and humanities. NeMO was developed by the Digital Curation Unit (DCU), ATHENA RC, in collaboration with the NeDiMAH Ontology Working Group. For more information, please see:

Developing NeMO has been possible thanks to NeDiMAH's support of  the interdisciplinary exchange of expertise among the trans-European community of digital arts and humanities researchers, as well as those engaged with creating and curating scholarly and cultural heritage digital collections. The development of NeMO drew on the work of the NeDiMAH methodological Working Groups, which explored the use of formal computationally-based methods for the capture, investigation, analysis, study, modelling, presentation, dissemination, publication and evaluation of arts and humanities materials for research. This has contributed to the classification and expression of ICT methods used in the arts and humanities as an enhanced ICT Methods Ontology, moving far beyond existing taxonomies. NeMO formalises and codifies the expression of work in the digital arts and humanities, giving greater academic credibility to this work, and enabling peer-reviewed scholarship in this area. NediMAH has therefore maximised the value of national and international e-research infrastucture initiatives by developing a methodological layer that allows arts and humanities researchers to develop, refine and share research methods that allow them to create and make best use of digital methods and collections.

For more information, please contact Lorna Hughes, Panos Constantidopolous, Agaitis Benardou, Costis Dallas